How Does it Work?


Our mission is to make your day the most special day of your life. So how do we make that happen? We get a deep insight into your story as a couple, and then our songwriting and production team puts together a custom made song based on your story. The result is a more deep and meaningful experience to remember your day by.



The first step to creating your song is to perform the initial interview. We typically perform this interview with either both partners, or with a single partner if the songs is meant to be a surprise. The interview takes place at the recording studio and is usually 45 minutes to one hour. This way, you get to see the recording studio environment where your music will be created. Furthermore, we get a list of your favorite music, so that we can write your song in your favorite genre.


This stage is spent in the recording studio, where we compose, record, mix and master your custom song. All our work is done at the world class Edmonton recording studio Velveteen Audio. The production stage is usually anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on how busy the studio is. We typically ask that clients give at least 6 months notice for us to complete their song. 


After the song is complete, we speak with you to arrange the reveal of your song. We always recommend hearing it at least a week to the date so you can share it and help create excitement for you and your guests.


We usually perform the song we've recorded at your wedding. The song works great for several moments in the wedding day, such as walking down the aisle, first dance, or during the first look! Furthermore, we provide video services to go along with your custom song. You will receive a "music video" style wedding video, which provides a lot more emotion when accompanied by your custom song.


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