Meet the Hitched Team


At Hitched, we believe in a team environment. The combined knowledge and skills of a highly specialized group of people can bring out the best results. 


Carlos Calleja

Carlos is the founder of Hitched, and is the principal singer songwriter. He has extensive experience playing in bands throughout his musical career such as Mars and Venus, and now works on Hitched full time.


Brad Simons

Brad is an Edmonton based musician, and the principal producer and engineer behind the Hitched recordings. He owns the recording studio Velveteen Audio, record label Velveteen Records, and has his own musical project called Optics.



Dave is a wizard when it comes to video. He provides us with all capture and editing of video at our clients weddings. His company is called Cassana Multimedia.

Brad Smith

Brad Smith is the dedicated mastering engineer for all Hitched recordings. He is an award winning engineer and works out of Velveteen Audio. His production company is called Mr. Smith Productions.

Preferred Vendors

We have so many talented, amazing friends who we have worked with over the years. We highly recommend adding their talents to your day to help complement your Hitched Creations Experience.

Sappho's Design

Julie Jackman

Julie is the owner of J Jackman Photography and has been a professional photographer for many years. She provides all of our photography and has been featured in various publications such as Blush Magazine. Her pictures are all over our website and she has been working with us from day 1. She is a must have!

Diana Sikanj

Diana is the owner of Sappho’s Design. She is a wedding event planner in Edmonton AB, catering to the every day bridal couple and the LGBTQ community. Sappho’s offers all kinds of packages to help ease the stress of planning, execution or both.

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